Our Difference

Discover the Enquiry Tracker difference.

Our Team

Founded in 2017, Enquiry Tracker is a fully Australian owned product, designed and built by educationalists. All staff have worked extensively in a range of roles within education representing decades of experience and knowledge in teaching, admissions, marketing and business management.

Located around the world across different time zones provides accessibility to our clients enabled by timely connections via flexible screen sharing options on Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams. Staff operate within flexible work arrangements to support our clients.

Our Clients

With over 230 schools, we are operational in 5 countries - Australia, USA, Canada, Malaysia and New Zealand. Importantly our system is universal with sector representation across Government and Public Schools; Private and Independent Schools; Catholic and Faith Based Schools.

Enquiry Tracker works for both metropolitan and regional schools regardless of size. In fact, the smallest school using the solution has 15 students, while the largest has over 4,000. So whether your need is to grow enrolments or to manage your admissions process, Enquiry Tracker revolutionises your world.

Our Partners

Forging partnerships with key educational providers is the key to ensuring our system remains client focused.  Enquiry Tracker has secured a partnership with SchoolMint, one of the largest education software providers in the USA, to exclusively sell our platform to over 90,000 schools across the USA - a great Australian export story. In addition, our company has also formalised a partnership with SchoolZine - the online enews platform used by over 1,500 schools in Australia and New Zealand.

System Integration

Enquiry Tracker integrates with a variety of products from different educational technology providers. Our goal is to transfer data seamlessly to save you time. Our system integrates with many Student Information Systems including Synergetic, ICON, SAS2000, TASS, KAMAR, Sentral, PCSchool, SchoolPro, Civica / MAZE, Wonde and many more!

Features Driven by Schools

The Enquiry Tracker foundations were developed through our partnerships with schools that play a pivotal ongoing role towards product enhancements and features in our road map. We work in consultation with our schools to be solution driven focusing on the end user to ensure the product is simple, intuitive and saves time. Our clients benefit from new releases and upgrades on a quarterly basis at no extra cost.

Simple & Transparent Licensing

We pride ourselves on simple and transparent pricing that does not lock clients into long term contracts. We have a simple 12-month, subscription-based model.  Significantly, there has been no price increase since the product was officially launched in September 2018.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

As an enterprise web-based solution, you can access the Enquiry Tracker platform anytime, anywhere in the world, allowing significant freedom of use.  Importantly no installation is required on your school’s network, instead webforms are embedded onto your website that instantly connect you to the Enquiry Tracker site.

Data Integrity & Security

At Enquiry Tracker, we take data security very seriously. We are listed under the National Safer Technologies 4 Schools Program, which all software vendors are expected to have undertaken. Data penetration and vulnerability testing are conducted by an independent specialist security company IPSEC and cyber security company Threat Intelligence. See our Security Statement for detailed information.

Fast Start OnBoarding Program

Our rapid onboarding process starts with a 45-minute call. Your school can be configured and go live within 48 hours.

Comprehensive Training

Schools receive unlimited training and support to ensure that our clients are using Enquiry Tracker to its maximum potential. We encourage clients to schedule personalised, 90-minute refresher training sessions that cover tips and tricks to improve workflow and processes, ultimately saving time.

Brand Packages

Enquiry Tracker provides a free branding package for your instant web-forms and templates to match your school’s style guide.

Included in the package:

-Branded email signature

-Event Registration Form

-Prospectus / Information Pack Request Form

-General Enquiry Form

-Communication Templates

-Application Form Header and Footer

24/7 Support

The Enquiry Tracker Team provides a highly personalised, focused level of service through one-on-one training and support sessions. As educational specialists, we offer tailored solutions, supporting integrations with various student management systems anticipating the school’s specific needs.

Data Health Checks

Our specialist staff provide data management support. This service ensures the school’s data is kept clean for accurate analysis by removing or modifying data that is incomplete or duplicated. Half-day or full-day packages are available.

Ongoing Professional Development

Complimentary, 30-minute professional development learning sessions are conducted fortnightly via Zoom for all our clients. These collegiate, informative sessions offer tips, strategies and insights across various topics, including implementing marketing ideas, conducting virtual tours, utilising student ambassadors, enabling effective social media marketing and building customer relationships. With direct access to the CEOs and Founders of Enquiry Tracker, these sessions provide invaluable tools to take your school from good to great.

Ticker Ed

We also provide complimentary fortnightly education content at Ticker Ed, a studio-produced TV show that runs through a global streaming service Ticker News. Co-hosted by Greg Campitelli,  these 12-minute segments on thought leadership cover a range of current topics featuring special guest panellists.  These can be shared across your school’s network via your social media, website and newsletter.

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