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Apply guides your families through a step-by-step online application and enrollment process, enabling consistent data capture, seamless upload of key documents and simple fee processing, a significant time saving solution for everyone.

Our fully integrated, smart online Application & Enrollment solution for schools, Apply.

Custom Applications

Without any programming at all, you can easily create as many custom forms to meet your specific needs and add them to your website.

Collect Documents

Key documents can be easily uploaded, tracked and verified individually so you know exactly the status of every document.

Process Payments

If required, collect fees during the online application process via a safe and secure payment gateway.

Manage Online Applications

Apply allows you to easily manage all of your online applications: uploading documents, gathering all the necessary data for your school and collecting fees. Every form can be completely tailored to suit your specific needs, allowing you to specify which fields are necessary or optional and you can even add your own questions. Even better, Apply automatically pulls existing family data from Pipeline so that a new application already has the base level information you have already collected. What’s not to love about that!

View every applicant’s progress through their online application, communicate with them and quickly change the status of their online enrollment. Once finalized, export online applications and upload them directly to your School Information System.

Prefilled Online Applications

From inquiry to enrollment, Apply will automatically synchronize with data already entered in Pipeline. Importantly, this means that returning families only have to enter data once.

Custom Forms

Our online application forms can be customized by you to suit your specific needs and embedded on your website. Your visitors follow a simple step-by-step approach and, crucially, never leave your site.

Key Document Collection

Whether it is a birth certificate, proof of eligibility or school reports, you can easily collect all the necessary documents during the online application process.

Easy Payment Processing

If you need to collect fees you can. Parents can simply complete the required payment for their application using a secure online payment gateway.

Ensuring Compliance

Ensure the necessary terms and conditions, permissions, declarations and appropriate signatures are all addressed and collected during the application process.

Automated Personalized Emails

Apply automatically sends personalized reminder and confirmation emails to support the parents’ journey through the online application process.

Understanding Your Pipeline

From In Progress to Finalized, instantly see what stage every application is at and which applications need follow up. Have complete visibility into all your data.

Quick Data Transfer

When you are ready, you can upload or transfer your applications directly to your Student Information System (SIS) to save you valuable time.

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