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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • We have always managed our Open Days with an online form and spreadsheets and our other enquiries have quite honestly gone unmanaged. We are really looking forward to getting it all together in Enquiry Tracker and being able to report on what we know is happening.
    Nicole RoacheThe Geelong College
      Nicole Roache
  • I am finding the program very efficient as it allows me to track interested applicants in one easy to manage database. In a click of a button I can see which families have requested a prospectus, if they have attended a school tour, the student’s interests, location, primary school and much more. I now know who my prospective families are which allows me to communicate with them on a personal level.
    Kylie LawteySanta Maria College
      Kylie Lawtey
  • Enquiry Tracker allows our Registrar to focus more time on building relationships with families rather than producing report after report for the Board and school Leadership. It’s now our only tool for managing enrolment enquiries!
    Patrick KellyBlackfriars Priory School
      Patrick Kelly
  • I had one request when I joined my new school as Admissions & Marketing Manager–please can we use Enquiry Tracker! It’s brilliant. Price point is fair, unlimited users a big bonus.
    Robyn HerreraKolbe Catholic College
      Robyn Herrera
  • What I like is that so many of the features in ET, and those still in planning, have come directly from the schools. It’s easy to use and they provide great training.
    Julie MuldoonSacré Cœur
      Julie Muldoon
  • We had 800 people for an Open Day… Enquiry Tracker didn’t miss a beat-worked a treat!
    Gary CaseyEmmaus College
      Gary Casey
  • Having a product built by educationalists… that’s the difference-the people at ET get it.
    April HampsonSt. Peter’s College
      April Hampson

Finally, an easy way to manage, track and measure Event success

Easily manage high-volume attendance at School Tours and Open Days as well as Personal Tours by registering families online combined with tablets for rapid check in.

Easily capture information reliably and accurately

Enquiry Tracker’s instant webforms collect vital family information for open days, tours, info pack/view book requests. With no coding required, our instant forms are ready to go on your school website immediately–saving hundreds of hours on manual data entry so you can focus on what matters.

Powerful insights & analysis at your fingertips

Instant visibility into critical analytics and insights to monitor progress - in real time! From demographics and event performance to geographic data and the ever-important feeder school information.

The Easiest Way To Manage Enquiries

Enquiry Tracker is a cloud-based application made up of several modules with the starting point being the main dashboard, which provides a snapshot of the key metrics for your potential student pool.

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