Enquiry Tracker offers a range of Optional Extras to keep your forms up-to-date with your school branding. We can also offer support to help manage your data and improve  analytics and reporting. Your school can also have multiple forms to cater for your enrolment needs. If you require any of these extras complete our booking form.



Seamlessly integrated with Pipeline, Apply guides families through a step-by-step K-12 online application process that enables consistent data capture, uploading of key documents, and simple fee processing – a significant time saving for everyone!


Book your Optional Extras or Apply

  • Turn on the smart online application module. Featuring document upload and payment gateway. Select School Enrolment Size & Apply Licensing Fees:
  • Configure a whole new form with exactly what you want on it. Let us do the work for you.
  • Ensure the email signature reflects your current brand.
  • Design a beautiful new broadcast template. Discounts for multiples.
  • Change the header and footer on your key forms. Gain a whole new look.
  • Spend a dedicated two-hour session with our Customer Service team. Remove the duplicates and make your analytics shine.
  • Import your back catalogue of enquiries or spreadsheets. Have all your data in one place.
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