Product Specifications

Enquiry Tracker Specifications

Organisations, such as Schools, use Enquiry Tracker to:

  • Add Users (staff) to access Enquiry Tracker;
  • Create, view, update and delete Enquirer information via a browser;
  • Add additional information about Enquirers (e.g. relevant contacts, activity logs, notes, special needs, general interests and event attendance);
  • Send communications such as email and SMS to Enquirers;
  • Set up WebForms capturing relevant information, payments and/or signed consent from Enquirers (e.g. agree to
  • Code of Conduct when attending a school event);
  • Set and send automated reminders/thank-you for attending etc. to Enquirers confirming event registration, a request for information, such as a prospectus, or to ensure their general information is accurate and up-to-date;
  • Run reports on their Enquirers, Events and other activities; and
  • The User can export certain data (in accordance with the Terms) and/or permanently delete Enquirer information.