How to leverage your best asset

By |Published On: 15/02/2021|

Your Students are you best brand ambassadors

Now that families have booked to come to an event, this is the moment where you can utilize your greatest asset – your students. Sadly, this is where some schools miss the boat by not allowing, or not fully maximizing, students as tour ambassadors at major events.

This is misplaced opportunity.

Why? All schools readily accept the proposition that students are their best asset as they represent the product of your hard work. How they conduct themselves in public, how they communicate about your school, and how they interact with others is one of your best marketing tools.

Put Students Front and Center

Consider putting your students in a formal leadership position as ambassadors at events. (In fact, doing so ensures these leadership positions are accessible to a far greater student demographic rather than the usual leadership suspects.) Since events are one of the most popular ways for families to learn about your school, why not have students actively participate in welcoming families as they arrive?

Welcome Families

Have student ambassadors welcome parents as they arrive at your school, better still ensure they are armed with a tablet to check-in families as paper-based are not nearly as reliable or impressive. Apart from saving the staff time in doing these tasks, the sub-text message to parents says – ‘We place students in positions of leadership, while the tablets indicate the school is digitally savvy and ahead of the game’.

With Enquiry Tracker, it is those very same tablets that allows the school to gather more information about the family and their prospective students. How? As the student ambassadors greet the families, they have the unique opportunity to capture additional information by validating the family contact details, and with the family’s permission, ask the future student a few additional questions, such as their specific areas of interest. This allows you to do a much better job marketing to families with relevant information.

Just imagine the experience of the family who arrives and is greeted by a student ambassador who chats directly to the family and the child – the very people they hope their own children will emulate. It will pay off!


  • 1

    Appoint student tour ambassadors and provide appropriate training

  • 2

    Use the the students to greet families and ask key questions to show them that you care and get that all important information

  • 3

    Allocate a budget to purchase a couple of tablets as they beat paper-based systems

The Result: Super impressed families who openly tell others about their experience, they become your champions in the community.