Mindful School Marketing Podcast

By |Published On: 23/08/2022|

When like-minded professionals come together, great things happen. So when we were approached by Mindful School Marketing Podcast hosts, Aubrey and Tara, we jumped at the opportunity to bring thoughtful conversation to the table for school marketing and admissions listeners.

So what is the Mindful School Marketing Podcast, you say? It’s the go-to podcast for K-12 independent school professionals working in marketing, admissions, development and technology. In every episode, the lovely hosts, Aubrey Bursch and Tara Claeys, bring thoughtful conversation, ideas, strategies and tools to help listeners find mindful, meaningful success at school and home. We featured on their 38th episode, but delved into every single one and they all had us listening until the very end!

Aubrey and Tara are revolutionising the way school leaders learn and grow and we’re so pleased to have featured.

Tune into the episode (below) as Antony and Greg Campitelli delve into ‘Increasing Enrolment by Viewing Parents as Customers’ and ‘Schools as Businesses’. Don’t miss it!