Live TV Interview as Enquiry Tracker secures major US Deal

By |Published On: 08/07/2021|

You may have read or heard about our new major partnership with leading provider of Strategic Enrollment Management in the USA, SchoolMint, but did you catch our Ticker News live interview with Enquiry Tracker Co-Founder and Director, Greg Campitelli?

In the interview, Greg delves into this game-changing partnership which will help drive the future growth of the company and ensure a robust long-term commitment to introducing new features and functionality.

The result?

It allows Enquiry Tracker to develop and provide an ever higher level of customer service and deliver a best-in-class solution for schools to manage and grow enrolments. (It’s an understatement to say that the team is excited about what the next 12 months is set to bring!)

For those looking to open up overseas markets, Greg encourages any aspiring entrepreneurs to forge meaningful partnerships in an open and transparent manner. Don’t miss it!!