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Enquiry Tracker was designed for the marketing and admissions office to have one integrated solution to manage future families, track demand and grow enrolments.

We all love spreadsheets but sadly they are ill-equipped to be managing the future student pipeline. Our mantra says let’s end those spreadsheets forever!

We have designed a beautiful, easy-to-use system that allows access to an unlimited number of users at your school. Importantly, as an enterprise system, the application sits on the internet thus requiring no installation on your school IT network.

At Enquiry Tracker, we embrace the concept of working with others, as a best-in-class product, we are committed to maintaining ongoing feature enhancements that are driven by what schools need, not what we think they want. By adopting an ‘agile’ approach to software development this allows new features to be rapidly deployed.

We appreciate schools use an array of software platforms to manage their current student and family data. Thankfully, we work with you to ensure the data captured in Enquiry Tracker can be transferred to other Student Information Systems, with ease and confidence - so systems can ‘talk’ to each other!

Our Story

Sitting in the heart of Silicon Valley lies a small hamlet of Los Altos. Having spent nearly 3 decades riding dot.com boom, Antony was hosting brother Greg over a warm summer’s evening.

While enjoying a Moscow Mule (with genuine Bundaberg Ginger Beer) the brothers developed an idea to build a scalable solution to solve a major problem in the education admissions & marketing space - how to manage the enquiry to enrolment journey. After all, the lifeline of every school is future enrolments!

The boys mapped out the plan, developed a simple prototype then met with dozens of schools to really crack the code on solving the biggest challenges.

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